As we welcome 2021, I just wanna greet you a happy and a fruitful new year! May our 2021年 be blessed, healthy, purposeful and be filled with LOVE, patience, encouragement, and HOPE.

Pavone is welcoming you for more affordable and reasonable prices due to the corona pandemic that we are facing until today. We are open for private parties and gatherings. Please contact the owner for reservations. いつもありがとうございます🙏🏽💝💛💚

  • CAST(キャスト)|神戸・三宮の上質なフィリピンパブ・スナック|ラウンジ パヴォーネ - Lounge Pavone
  • INFO(店舗情報・求人情報)|神戸・三宮の上質なフィリピンパブ・スナック|ラウンジ パヴォーネ - Lounge Pavone
  • CONTACT(お問い合わせ)|神戸・三宮の上質なフィリピンパブ・スナック|ラウンジ パヴォーネ - Lounge Pavone