You are warmly invited at a get together to come and share our precious moments to celebrate our 2nd anniversary starting on the 25th ( Wednesday)to 28th ( Saturday) of this month. We’re doing our very best to disinfect every premises of our snack/ karaoke bar for our own safety from corona virus, and even put plasma cluster for your convenience. For those who attend, you will avail 20% discount for your keep bottle and enjoy the free food to be served on that day. We are looking forward to see you guys and please take an extra precautions such us, wearing mask and wash your hands frequently to avoid contamination of corona virus. Stay safe everyone🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽Thank you so much.

  • CAST(キャスト)|神戸・三宮の上質なフィリピンパブ・スナック|ラウンジ パヴォーネ - Lounge Pavone
  • INFO(店舗情報・求人情報)|神戸・三宮の上質なフィリピンパブ・スナック|ラウンジ パヴォーネ - Lounge Pavone
  • CONTACT(お問い合わせ)|神戸・三宮の上質なフィリピンパブ・スナック|ラウンジ パヴォーネ - Lounge Pavone