深まる秋を友達、同僚と、そして私達とラウンジ パヴォーネ にて乾杯しませんか?  是非ともラウンジ パヴォーネ におこしくださいね。

Having a guests like you in Pavone lounge will be awesome. Let’s enjoy! of course still with safety precautions to avoid contamination of corona infections by washing our hands frequently, use alcohol prepared in the table and social distancing. Please join us as well all to celebrate the incoming of autumn season with friends and colleagues.
I am always grateful for your continued support during these challenging time🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • CAST(キャスト)|神戸・三宮の上質なフィリピンパブ・スナック|ラウンジ パヴォーネ - Lounge Pavone
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